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Montgomery Village Resident Association

September 17, 2008


Our Primary goal is to support, create activities, and educate the low-income families here in the KCDC housing development. At this time we have started a Community Library, Computer Room and Job search programs. The Friends of Literacy and MVRA have partnered to create a pilot program that deals with abtaining a G.E.D.. Also we have partnered with the Montgomery Village Ministries, MV Baptist Center, Boys and Girls Club of America and the Knoxville Community Development Corporation.

Each of our Members have their own page within this web site. Also if they already have a web page then there is a link to that web site. I f there is any problems and the links does not work Please email me at:

        We are currently involved with the activities of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday events. We are looking at decorating the neighborhood with decorations that the children can get invoved in and make themselves. Also we are wanting to have a Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Play, and a Christmas Play. If any one has any experience in doing these projects. We welcome all help and advice.

We have a number of programs going on for the residents...


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