Volunteers helping People

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Montgomery Village Tenant Association

These are the Volunteers that are elected for three years. Each of the members work together to make Montgomery Village a better place to live. Festivals during the Spring and Fall. Programs for the children during the Summer break from school. Like photography program during the summer. The picture taking has lead to articles in the Metro Pulse paper. Also showing at AlArtSmart art Gallery in Knoxville Olde City. Job Search though on-line computers that are donated. Help with community projects residents are required to do per HUD rules. Help in Neighborhood Watch to cut down crime. Library for all residents to use for school, and further education. G.E.D. to help in bettering one self to achieve a better way of life. Community beautification to enhance the neighborhood. Food Panties in the time of hardships.

Don Smith---President

Deborah Smith our Secretary

Deborah Smith having fun at one of our activities

Montgomery Village

Making a difference

Fred Carroll our Treasurer

Fred watching the tomatoes growing

Sandie Carroll resident volunteer

Co-Creator of Montgomery Village Web site

Joyce Romines

Montgomery Village Assistant-Secretary

Jack  our volunteer computer guru

Feel free to contact us. Don Smith 865-973-4947, Calvin Carson 865-577-5555, Tom Hodges 865-577-6244

Thank you all for the help that you give. Please remember that your donations are needed to do these projects and activities. Please contact if you can help!!!